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About Us - Our History

Living Gospel Church was born In the middle of the year 1999 as Gospel Mennonite Church. This Church started with approximately five to six couples, and they knew that the church could not exist with just a few people. But they had faith, started the Church, and put their trust in God. They showed what true faith really is. Faith is believing it even when you don't see it. So they made a deal to buy the land right where this Church is currently located. They didn't have all the money that was needed to buy the land and to build the Church Building; therefore, they came to a point where everything had to stop because they were out of money. They called for a meeting, and they decided to borrow the money to complete the Church building. Everyone agreed to give money faithfully to the Lord, as the Lord would bless them. As we can see now, God has blessed that dream and He has blessed that vision. Now, the church still exists and a large number of people have move to Sublette because of this particular church. Then in 2018 the church changed their name to Living Gospel Church. What started with around five to six couples has turned into a large congregation. Many people have found the Lord through this church, and many people have grown spiritually. And it is all because of some folks who had faith that God would bless them by starting this church. The Lord has blessed us in such a wonderful way. That's what faith really is all about. It is trusting God to turn dreams into reality and that is exactly what happened here. 

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